International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

The 8th Cadre Training

Date: February 25-26, 113

In the pre-training and group discussion stage of the 8th Cadre Training, first of all, Director Jian Helin was invited to share the vision and goals of the future Asia-Pacific convener, and then Chen Yijun of Pingtung Branch was invited to share her experience of attending the World Federation Leader’s Summit last year. After Mr. Zheng Yunlong’s speech, the SDGs group discussion was held. There were six groups with the themes of education, environment and ecology, and how to use and present these three themes. The next day of the cadre training, two tour buses went to Nantou Bamboo Mountain Cultural Park. Thanks to the curator’s assistance, so that we have a good environment to learn, and thank Mr. Chen Gaoming for his busy schedule to explain bamboo art to us. Bamboo is an important SDGs green carbon plant, bamboo carbon sequestration capacity is stronger than wood, carbon storage potential, can help mitigate the greenhouse effect, bamboo will become an important material for circular economy and design in the future. There is an important concept in the management of bamboo forests, “save three to go four to leave seven”, bamboo grows to the fourth year is almost old, seven years is too old. Bamboo grows for three years to save, after the fourth year must be cut down, so that the new bamboo has room to grow. Otherwise it will age in the seventh year and will not grow well.

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