International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

President-Shu-Tzu Ho

President BPW Taiwan, Shu-Tzu Ho


Chung Yuan Christian University, graduated from the second year of Master’s Liberal Arts



Founder of Cin Phown Technology
Current Position: Chairman of Cin Phown Technology
Taoyuan City Government’s 3rd Municipal Advisor
Taoyuan City Government Police Department Volunteer Team Deputy Chief


Combine the power of gentleness to creat the value of female power.


Thank you for your affirmation and trust, Shu-Tzu officially assumes office as the 7th President of BPW Taiwan. I am grateful to BPW Taiwan for providing me with lots of learning opportunities. Meeting with female elites is also very meaningful because what we have done together is beautiful and contributes to Taiwan society.


The ultimate goal of BPW Taiwan is to create well-being for professional women in Taiwan. Upon assuming the presidency, Shu-Tzu will uphold the ideas and wisdom of her predecessors, integrate suggestions from all sides, and create a new chapter for the future with “strength” and “gentleness”.


“Strength” is hard power and the framework of our association. Shu-Tzu will build a brand-new industrial platform and continue to expand the influence and visibility of BPW Taiwan on the basis of 368 members. This is also the priority of BPW Taiwan 2.0.


This industrial platform will adopt a “horizontal integration and vertical connection” approach, where members will share their speciality and expertise. Then through the platform’s matching mechanism, resources can be exchanged and business opportunities created. In practice, it will follow BPW Taiwan’s spirit of cooperation, where members are mutually beneficial and inclusive on the basis of trust, and return a reasonable commission to BPW Taiwan based on profit generated from the platform, demonstrating unity as a family.


In addition, Shu-Tzu will also actively construct a learning platform, establish think tanks, build a database of talents for professional fields, design capacity training plans, host leadership camps and various forums. More importantly, under the trend of globalization, “deep connection and interdisciplinary integration” is the most effective way to empower an organization. Therefore, Shu-Tzu has listed the development of the BPW Twinning Program as a key task. Internally, we will enhance exchange between different clubs; externally, we aim to connect with BPW clubs around the world, not only to fight for expanding Taiwan’s participation on the global stage but also to assist our government via people-to-people diplomacy.


“Gentleness” is the characteristic of female power and the soft power for corporate growth. In the future, we will encourage the creation of new clubs to activate the organization with the soft, flexible and skilful talents of women, so that power of women gathering can spread its influence. At the same time, Shu-Tzu also believes that talent cultivation is the foundation for organizational survival either at an association or national level; therefore, BPW Taiwan can only achieve sustainable development by empowering the next generation, providing young members with opportunities, and assisting them to grow. So, Shu-Tzu decided to carry forward the call for supporting Young BPW. We encourage each city club to set up special funds for adoption, so that outstanding young professional women can gather together and create more opportunities for the innovation and development of the industry.


In addition, Shu-Tzu believes that encouragement is very important. We will provide recognition to the achievement of creating new clubs, maintaining the highest number of memberships, promoting the fastest growth, and other special performance. As for the outstanding individual member, we first shortlist them through the Taiwan federation and then nominate them to participate in the international selection hosted by International Federation of BPW. The nominee will have the opportunity to be selected as experts in a specific field or participate in other award selection, which will help to enhance the branding of the corporate’s international image.


Looking forward to the future, Shu-Tzu hopes that, based on the existing foundation, more outstanding professional women can be identified and join together. Through integrating female elites in various fields can create opportunities to co-learn, and gradually let Taiwan’s “female power” shine in the international community.


As the new President, Shu-Tzu hopes that BPW Taiwan can become a strong backing for our members. Finally, I wish you all safe and healthy, happy family and a prosperous career, thank you!

The seventh President, Shu-Tzu Ho