International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

Third Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium 2023

Founded in 2017, the Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium is one of the largest international female leadership forums in Asia and the Pacific. As an iconic international forum, it is expected to provide a deeper and broader communication platform, achieve cross-border, cross-field, and cross-generation transmission, and bring the power of dialogue to the world.

The first Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium was held in Singapore; the second in Japan; and the third Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium will be hosted by Taiwan. This is one of the first international events since Taiwan’s borders were unsealed after the epidemic. Young female entrepreneurs and leaders from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region gather in Taiwan to discuss global trends from the Asia-Pacific region and jointly bring positive influence and changes to the world.

The topic of female leaders has been actively discussed in various circles in recent years. This time, the COVID-19 epidemic and Taiwan’s outstanding performance in epidemic prevention have once again made female leaders a topic of conversation. Forbes magazine published an article, ” What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders > lists seven female national leaders who have demonstrated remarkable achievements in crisis management during the outbreak.

The epidemic has impacted the lives of everyone in the world since the end of 2019. Women around the world are also contributing to the recovery of the post-pandemic world. Therefore, we set the theme of this forum as:

 “Women in leadership: Thriving In A Post-Pandemic World”

2E & 1C in the post-pandemic era: EDUCATION, ECONOMY, CONNECTION. In-depth discussions from various aspects such as leadership, corporate strategy, technological innovation, art, and education. 1 keynote speech, 3 in-depth forums, to discuss the importance of female leadership in the post-epidemic era with international speakers and more than 200 new-generation women who are willing to become protagonists.

For the three-day Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium, we will invite domestic and foreign leaders and opinion leaders in various fields to share their leadership stories, views on business trends, etc., creating an inspiring and diverse forum environment. The event will provide a cross-field, cross-generation industry-government-academia exchange platform for young female leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, and also will allow to conduct in-depth discussions and exchange opinions on various international issues related to the Asia-Pacific.

Encourage more women to shine, build dreams and exert influence in their own fields, and make Asia and the Pacific a more gender-equal, diverse and inclusive region.

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