International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

BPW Office

The North District Member Development Committee  Coordinator

Mei-Ling Siao

The Central District Member Development Committee  Coordinator

Yu-Jhu Du

 The Southern District Member Development Committee Coordinator

Yu-Lien Chang

 Social ware fare Committee Coordinator

Ming-Ming Chao

  The Industry Promotion Committee Coordinator

Jin-Hua Yang Deng

 The International Affairs Committee Coordinator

Hsin-Yu Huang

 Leadership Committee Coordinator

Yu-Ping Chou

 Peace promotion Committee Coordinator

Yen-Fei Su

Secretary General Officer

Mei-Yin Kuo

Vice Secretary General Officer

Ching-Wen Kao

Chief Financial Officer

Chin-Yuen Kuo

Secretary Officer

Yu-Fang Huang