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International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

Chiayi Lily Club held Lunar Year celebration activities

Date: 2023/02/18
Location: Fishing Boat King Wedding Banquet Restaurant
Chiayi Lily Club held a very rich Lunar Year celebration activities, inviting students of Shuishang Junior High School to perform drum troupe and dragon and lion dance, as well as Longxing martial arts gymnastics from the beginning to the advanced martial arts performance.
Then there are the African drum, dance, and hollow drum performances brought by Chiayi Lily Club sisters . They practice for several days to enhance their musical literacy and enhance their talent to increase their self-confidence!
Thanks to the efforts of Tsai Chia Ching, the founding President of Chiayi Lily Club, and the dedication and participation of all the sisters of Chiayi Lily Club, it will be stronger and stronger in the coming year!

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