International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

2024 BPW Global Intercultural Sisterhood Academy Day 2

2024 BPW Global Intercultural Sisterhood Academy Day 2

Date: 2024/05/23

Location: Freshfields Taichung, Taichung City Government, Wufeng Farmers’ Association

The second day was filled with exciting activities, starting with a series of captivating international panels aimed at exploring diverse topics and opening up vast realms of thought for participants. Following lunch, we guided our foreign guests on a visit to the Taichung City Government, providing an excellent opportunity for them to gain a deeper understanding of Taichung’s unique charm, while allowing attendees from other regions to immerse themselves in the beauty of Taichung. Subsequently, we proceeded to the Wufeng Farmers’ Association in Taichung City, where two fascinating keynote speeches were delivered. These speeches delved into the integration of agriculture and art, exploring pathways for sustainable development inheritance. Through this event, participants experienced the infinite possibilities hidden in life, sparking profound reflection and resonance on the discussed topics.

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