International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

Celebration of 92nd Anniversary of BPW International and The Social Welfare Activities

Date: 8/20/2022-8/26/2022
The impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic happen all around the world. In response to the Sustainable Development Goal 1 (SDGs 1) “No Poverty”, the President of BPW Taiwan Shu-Tzu Ho and Social Welfare Committee Coordinator Mei-Yin Kuo led the clubs donated to charities around Taiwan. In addition, the members of BPW Taiwan helped over 2360 underprivileged children during the celebration of the 92nd anniversary of BPW International. We give children not only scholarships, gifts but also hope for future life and unforgettable summer vacation.
Happy Birthday to BPW International! Wishing everyone good health and good luck!

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