International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

World Environment Day: Only One Earth

Date: 6/5/2022

Location: Tainan

The World Environment Day is on June 5th,2022.
BPW Taiwan, in response to the theme of this year’s World Environment Day of the United Nations “Only One Earth” and “Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs”, encourages our sisters to attach importance to the ecological environment and cherish the greening of the Earth. In the earliest developed city in Taiwan – Tainan, the gate of Taiwan – Luermen Park, with the theme of “Planting Trees for Investing in Our Planet”, tree planting and carbon reduction activities are carried out.
This event called on 206 sisters from north to south to participate, planting 3 autummn maple trees, 21 pink shower trees, 320 cockscomb flowers, and 2520 grass flowers. Our sisters will plant a tree for the future together and contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.
❤️Special thanks to Lin, Jin-Jiao Chairman of the Luermen Ecotourism Development Association, Annan District, Tainan City. She is also the Chairman of our Tainan Club, leading Director General Tsai, Chun-Feng and volunteers to assist the BPW Taiwan Tree Planting Park and contribute to the future ecological conservation.
⭕️Autumn Maple Tree
It symbolizes “long time” and brings good luck and wealth.
⭕️Pink Shower Tree
The language of flower is strong.
⭕️Cockscombs Flower
It symbolizes sincere and eternal love.


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